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[CinVin] Home (quick 'homepage' for widgets) 1.0.1

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CinVin Home is a quick and easy way to have a XenForo "Home" page for widgets. There are no manual edits required, automatically creates a "Home" navigation menu, pre-installs the same XenForo sidebar widgets displayed on the Forum home page, and has multiple spots for ads and widgets! Having a "Home" / "Portal" page is literally as easy as just installing this add-on! 😲

In the screen shot below the items in green are the widget positions you can choose and their names. The items in red are the advertising positions you can choose and their names.

Because it is up to you to add the widgets to display in the main content area it's hard to show a live 'demo' but an example of it being used can be seen at Tiki Lounge 🗿.

CinVin - Home - Widget and Ad positions.JPG

There are several options you can change on the page... 😎


Update 1.0.1
Added a new option for having a description unique to your home / portal page instead of using the XF default description. If left blank the CinVin Home description will default to the XF description.​
Option - Home Page Description.JPG
Note: The description of the "Display Home Page Description" option was updated accordingly.​
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Latest reviews

Works great. I was looking for a way to put an announcement on my home page in the form of a widget at either across the top or on left side. Very easy to both with this add-on. Thanks for the good work.
This was exactly what I was looking for. Simple and easy to operate and I helped me to do what I wanted. That being said it would be nice to have the option to Like, rate and comment
First, this is an excellent addon for quickly and easily creating a custom home page using widgets (including HTML widgets for text boxes). I was surprised it was free! Secondly, I had a custom layout I needed some help with and Kevin not only helped me with that but released a new version to accommodate a sidenav position option for widgets - and he did this in only a few hours after I raised the issue with him. Now THAT is what I call support. An A1 5-star rating on both counts! Thanks, Kevin.
I like how simple and effective this plugin is. It allows you to add home page to your forum. It comes with several very useful options to optimize your home page.
This really helps in developing a home/portal page. It fills in a key missing piece not included in Xenforo. Thank you!