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ChkTable can support you in finding out which tables or fields are no longer used in the XF installation. This is an interesting thing, especially after the change from XF1 to XF2. But even beyond that, it is always of interest to know which add-on has left remnants in the DB.

This version is still at an early stage. The first extensive tests were stable and satisfactory. So we are now looking forward to ideas/opinions.

Whitelist - Tables
Whitelist - Columns

Important Info:
There is a flag for the "config.php" with which you can activate the renaming of a table/column. As with the XF superAdmin flag, the admin user IDs that are to have access to the add-on must be entered here.
$config['X0815']['ChkTables']['renameData'] = ADMIN_USER_IDs;

If changes are made to the DB, a backup should always be made and the use and final control is the responsibility of the user.

Our add-ons do not include "Call Home" functionality!
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  1. 1.6.3

  2. 1.6.2

    Support XF 2.2.9
  3. 1.6.1

    support XF 2.2.8 P1

Latest reviews

This is a must have tool that every administrator should have in their toolbox. Over the past 22 years, our forum has been converted from several other platforms, and then from XF1 to XF2. Many things were left behind from the past, and this safely renames them so the system can be tested before purging the old items.
Excellent. Was able to remove all the old XF1 addons, and a bunch of old data from the past 10+ years.
A real must-have for everyone who often has to test add-ons or who have already tested many add-ons. Database and performance are grateful for getting rid of old and useless entries.
Thanks. Thank you for your review... I am happy if my tool can help.
Mee to - a must have admin tool for addon junkies like me and for all that will not life in chaos. Great idea, thanks!
Thank you for your review. :)
It helped me to clean some tables and colums from uninstalled addons of xenforo 1.x and some of xenforo2.
Thank you for your review. If you need help, have questions or even ideas - I am at your disposal.