Check Add-On update

Beta Check Add-On update 1.0.0 Beta 8

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Gets better every update. I got this add-on because I was constantly losing track of which add-ons needed to be updated. Thank you for this add-on!
This is one of the best quality-of-life addons for Xenforo. It's not flashy but really puts your end at ease. I also don't need to check the XF site a couple of times a week looking for updates. Keep it up!
Such a useful addon. Can easily see what needs updates. I have around 25 addons from various people and this makes them manageable. Thanks
This is one of my favourite addons, exactly what I've wanted for years. I agree it should have been in the core but this is an excellent answer to wasting all that time checking
Fantastic add-on, very responsive developer! This should absolutely be a XenForo core function. Thank you for sharing!
This Add-On is really helpful and very well integrated! The quick Overview is also good. Maybe integrate a filter for "Show only AddOns with update?"
Thank you for sharing this!
We have needed something like this! Thank you! Works as advertised! I am Installing on all my sites!
I will never undertsand why such existentiell functions are not core functions. Great idea and also a good working add-on. Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)
The addon works as it should. (There was something wrong on my side)

The developer is reliable and was happy to look into the issue.
I am very pleased that we were able to solve the problem...
I have a couple of AddOns installed (some say they are a lot 😁) and with this AddOn it's finally very easy to track if an AddOn is up to date or not. This is definitly something that should be a core XF functionality! A+