Chatbox - Realtime Chatting

Unmaintained Chatbox - Realtime Chatting 1.2.0

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Fixed bugs
  • When tagging a member, this caused the text field to be flushed
  • When ban permission was revoked, sub-menu of tab would still appear empty
New Features
  • Added an option to add mini avatars in front of each message
  • Added a feature to define chatbox height using widget
  • Added an option to define the location of messages date (left, right, hidden)
Defining chatbox height using widget
<xen:hook name="chatbox_widget" params="{xen:array 'height=350px'}" />
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Bug fixed
  • When chatbox was in reversed direction, it caused a problem with messages (random messages deletion).
Only the /js/ folder can be uploaded for this update.
Fixed bugs
  • When sending a new message, recent activity didn't update
  • Anyone could view banned members
  • In reversed direction, scrollbar didn't scroll to the bottom automatically when displaying a new message
  • Link to view banned members disn't show up in the navtab sub-menu
Added new feature
  • Added a leaderboard allowing to view chatbox top posters
Fixed bugs
  • Fixed bug when tagging member, the username appeared without a space at the end.
  • Fixed bug when using PHP 7.1 or higher, will cause an error with the encryption method.
Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed bug when chatbox was used as widget, the title page would take the name of the page where the chatbox initially is (/chatbox)
  • Fixed bug when chatbox was used as widget, chatbox still appeared while the user was banned.
New Features
  • Options are now distributed in tabs for a better configuration
  • Added an option to tag members + option to select tag operator
  • Added an option to choose the maximum number of visibles messages in the chatbox
  • Added an option to choose the chatbox direction (basic or reversed)
  • Added a feature allowing members to choose a persistent message color on their messages (based ona permission)
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  • HTTPS is now available with our Chatbox !
  • Added .htaccess file to avoid people to steal your encryption key and your initialization vector. (security increased)