Chatbox - Realtime Chatting

Unmaintained Chatbox - Realtime Chatting 1.2.0

No permission to buy (€15.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
Additional requirements
NodeJS and NPM
SSH Access
PHP Version >= 5.3.3
One per domain
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
The most powerful and advanced chatbox is finally available on XenForo !

This chatbox uses NodeJS technology with Socket.IO to bring you the best performance.

Warning !
  • Before installing this addon, make sure that NodeJS and NPM are installed on your server (you can install it yourself). Without these you'll not be able to use the addon.
Many features are brought to you:
  • Chat with members in live
  • Permissions to manage your user groups
  • Options to give you a full access on what you want (change server port ...)
  • Ban / unban members (+ ability to view banned users with permission)
  • Instant Ban, when user is banned, the chatbox disappears and then an error appear to the user.
  • Clear chatbox command (/clear) INSTANT !
  • /me command
  • Notice System
  • Option to choose the maximum number of visibles messages
  • Ability to choose a persistent message color (based on permission)
  • Smilies Button Integration
  • Leaderboard to view top posters
  • Chatbox Integration everywhere you want
  • and more...
If you are running under HTTPS, you'll have to mention the path of your certificate and your key in the config.json file !
First, install the addon by uploading the files on your FTP and install the XML file. Once you have done this, go into the addon options and put the Encryption Key and the Initialization Vector in the app.js file (which is a server file) at the line 61 & 62, so it makes Socket.IO communications secure. These values must NOT be modified, shared or exposed to public.
You should have something like this:

Now, install the packages used by the server file to make it works !
[FONT=Trebuchet MS][INDENT]npm install[/INDENT]

Then, you need to install the Forever Package.
To achieve this, run this command on your SSH terminal:
[FONT=Trebuchet MS][INDENT]npm install forever -g[/INDENT]

And now start the server with:
[FONT=Trebuchet MS][INDENT]forever start app.js[/INDENT]

Your server is running on the server port defined in the addon options !

To integrate a chatbox anywhere, just add this line in the template you want:
<xen:hook name="chatbox_widget" />
Note: To change the port, you must change it in the options AND in the config.json file !
[F.A] Walky
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

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  3. Fixed bugs + added feature

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Latest reviews

First of all, the best on the chat is the most importantly for a chat: The Speed. This is actually the fastest chat which I've ever seen for xenForo. It feels like you are talking to someone in a game chat or whatsapp and that's awesome. I also really like the tagging system. It makes the communication with others easy and quick. The settings/options of the addon are also well written and easy to understand. I'm really looking forward for some awesome updates for that addon! But for now I'm very satisfied with that Chatbox Addon! A big recommendation for everyone who is searching a good live chatbox!

Best regards,
[F.A] Walky
[F.A] Walky
Thank you for your review ! Appreciate.