Calendar 2.4.3

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  • Import native functions.
  • Add back "Allow users to RSVP to past events" option.
  • Paginate event venues list in the ACP.
  • Fix an issue with events set to recur weekly on set days, not recurring weekly on set days.
  • Other assorted quality of life improvements to recurring events.
  • Fix a PHP 8 template error when viewing the calendar index list.
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  • Add class names to events returned by the event feed.
  • Minor tidy up and re-organisation of options.
  • Avoid throwing errors if the add-on is in a processing state.
  • Opt not to eager load user responses to events so eagerly to reduce query overhead when this information isn't needed.
  • Support attendance responses to past events. This can be enabled in the options and is disabled by default.
  • When viewing attendance information for past events, ensure phrases are in the past tense.
  • Minor code cleanup.
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  • If a user has specified their location in their profile, add a new navigation link to show events near them.
  • Add basic public-facing page for event venues.
  • Add additional CSS classes to RSVP buttons.
  • Fix an issue where the date icon might overlap the title of an event when on mobile.
  • Properly insert news feed entries when someone RSVP's to an event.
  • Fix an error thrown when trying to cancel or reinstate an event.
  • Ensure moderator log entries include the event title.
  • Fix ordering of events in a handful of locations.
  • Exclude cancelled events from the upcoming events widget.
  • When displaying a map from Google Maps, ensure the location is URL encoded.
  • When rebuilding the sitemap for events, load less data.
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  • Add an option to limit event venues to specific calendars.
  • The event creator is now able to send alerts (if they have permission) to users who have RSVP'd a certain way.
  • Add additional links to the navigation bar to quickly find events you're going to, might be going to or are on the waiting list for.
  • Allow widgets to be ordered by event attendee counts.
  • Add a widget option to only show events occurring at specified venues.
  • Fix reference to wrong column in "Latest events" activity summary section.
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  • Add the ability to create pre-defined event venues that users select when creating events.
  • Add an activity summary definition to pull latest events.
  • Add a rebuild tool to rebuild event location metadata.
  • Assorted changes to how distance filtering works to yield more accurate results.
  • Adjust how upcoming events are ordered in the associated widget.
  • Fix incompatibility between the Calendar and Gift Upgrades add-ons.
  • Ensure thread type information is added on fresh installs.
  • Fix an issue preventing the "Automatically create thread in forum" option from working.
  • Add the missing nf_calendar_last_update phrase.
  • Fix an issue with display of never ending events.
  • Fix an issue preventing RSVP to recurring events.
  • Tweak featured events logic to not include past events.
In addition, versions I forgot to cross-post here...

Version 2.2.2:
  • Fix possible issues upgrading from XF1.
  • Assorted fixes and improvements for recurring events.
  • Add some missing phrases.
Version 2.2.1:
  • Display number of people attending an event on the event listing.
  • When exporting events to an .ics file, only include those that are upcoming.
  • Fix a typo in pagination URLs for calendars.
  • Store event featured status with the event itself too.
  • Minor tweaks to ensure location autocomplete is properly loaded when required.
Version 2.2.0:
  • Require XenForo 2.2+.
  • Require PHP 7.2+.
  • Calendars and events now implement the LinkableInterface.
  • Add a style property to display date icons in event lists.
  • Add a featured events carousel widget which, by default, is placed above the event list on the calendar index page.
  • Slightly increase map size when a location is provided.
  • Fix an issue preventing recurring options from being removed.
  • Fix an issue causing organiser avatars to overflow on the event list.
  • Ensure RSVP news feed items are hidden when the response was made anonymously.
  • Reduce query usage when viewing individual events.
  • Switch to XenForo 2.2's new way of previewing editor contents.
  • Fix reference to incorrect registry key for event custom fields.
  • Fix reference to incorrect content type for tag permission check.
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Note that the next major update will hard require XF 2.2 and PHP 7.2 or greater.
  • Add an option to create a waiting list when an event has maxed the number of attendees allowed. If someone ends up changing their RSVP to not going, users on the waitlist are notified.
  • Add the ability to order events by the number of attendees.
  • Event owners can now see a printable list of attendees.
  • Create a news feed item when a user RSVPs to an event.
  • Allow users to RSVP anonymously to an event. Other users will not be able to see them in the response lists but they will be visible to the owner of the event.
  • Properly handle user deletions, renames and merges.
  • Minor improvements to the installer.
  • Now requires PHP 7.0+. The next major update will hard require XF 2.2 and PHP 7.2+.
  • Now depends on Standard Library by Xon.
  • Make it clearer on the calendar views when events have been cancelled.
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  • Improve compatibility with a private add-on.
  • Ensure discussion type of linked thread is updated when event threads are changed.
  • Update discussion state of linked thread when event is deleted / made visible.
  • Remove reactions on hard delete.
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