[BS] Multi-account detector

[BS] Multi-account detector 1.5.1

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  • Incorrect work of the Evercookies method
  • Possible duplicate usernames in reports in the Fingerprint section
New features
– New option: Display link to reports regardless of the open reports presence
– New option: Create a separate report if a new multi-account is detected
Let's imagine the situation: User Bobby already has a report on a multi-account, which contains his other account with the nickname George, and he logs into a new account with the nickname Henryk. If this option is enabled, a new report will be created for the Henryk account, which will list the previous two accounts: Bobby and George. If this option is disabled, Henryk's account will be added to the first report on Bobby's account. However, if this report is closed, you will not receive a new notification.
– Creating a duplicate report in the specified forum

– Problem with compatibility of XF scripts in some places (conversations, user ban)
– Reduced number of scripts to load. Previously, scripts for all detection methods were loaded for the user, but now they are loaded depending on the activated detection methods


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  • Updated dependencies
  • Now only one request is executed when checking instead of two or more
  • Fixed a bug due to which a duplicate report could be created
Minimum PHP version for this update is 7.4


  • Added FingerprintJS Pro support
  • FingerprintJS updated to 3.2.0
  • Reports page was reworked
    • Added pagination
    • Added fast inline moderation
    • Added reason for closure

Before this update, it is advisable to remove these directories:


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  • Added missed phrase
  • Deleting a user now deletes data related to the add-on
  • Renamed scripts
  • The multi-accounts tab in member profile has been replaced by the tabs for common fingerprints and common evercookies
  • Added permission Bypass multi-account detection
  • Added option to disable multi-account reports
  • Displaying one user several times in the list of multi-accounts
More about update: https://devsell.io/resources/bs-multi-account-detector.13/update/44/