[BS] Live forum statistics

[BS] Live forum statistics 1.2.1

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
PHP 7.4+
Updates duration
3 months / 6 months / 1 year
Visible branding
This addon creates a live forum statistics widget to keep your users updated and engaged. The data it displays is current and can be refreshed at anytime, it includes user and thread statistics as well as a list of new threads.

In addition to being a statistic widget, it enables you to sell "Pinned" records to monetize your forum. Using this addon you can sell links to user threads and offsite links inside the widget.

If you are looking for other methods to monetize your forum please see our Thread Up addon.

Widget Display:
  • New Members, New Messages
  • Most Reactions, Most Trophies
  • Latest Posts, New Threads, Hottest Threads, Most Viewed Threads
  • Top posters, Top reactions
  • And many other settings
Supported content types:
  • Members
  • Threads
  • Tag content
  • Latest activity
  • Articles
  • Showcase items
Addon Features:
  • Extensible: Easy development of tab handlers for any kind of record
  • Users can customize their own tabs
  • You can exclude forum sections from the feed
  • Display widget anywhere in the forum
  • Customization of groups and tabs display
  • A large number of settings for thread tabs
  • Multilingual support
  • Remember selected tabs
  • User can hide statistics widget
  • Huge number of tab options
Monetize features:
  • Purchasable Pinned Links
    • Ability to add paid attributes such as color
    • All links are moderated before purchase
  • Purchasable Pinned Threads
    • Ability to add paid attributes such as color




Thread tab example configuration


Members tab example configuration

Sticked links/threads sales


Public store




All links must be approved and then user will receive alert what he can pay link



Paid sticked attributes

You can add any attribute making it both paid and free. If the attribute is paid, then when purchasing a fastener, if the user fills it in, the cost of the attribute is added to the price of the fastener.

There are two types of attribute: style and another. All style type attributes will be written to the style attribute. For example, a pinned link with the color attribute, after the purchase will have this attribute: style="color:red;".
An attribute of type another will be added as {key}="{value}"

Customize the tab for yourself

User permissions
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First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 1.2.1

    Fixed: https://devsell.io/threads/bs-live-forum-statistics.1/post-227
  2. 1.2.0

    Changes: Ability to stop ignoring all ignored threads in statistics (Find threads -> Ignored...
  3. 1.1.1

    .changes: New widget options Enable scroll pagination Pagination depending on the position of...

Latest reviews

I am so amazed by this add-on and a specially by the coder! It is very clean and amazingly looking and easy fitting in to my themes. And support is as blazing fast as capable, even done more then he had to. Just amazing! I only can recommend any tool written by him, i even bought more and also the free add-on every one each of it is done clean.
I had very bad experience with my old alternative, modern statistics no updates no support and kicked from xenforo official market. This is like a freshly gap filler and a good killer for the old add-on which i wanted to get rid loooong time ago, thanks do Live form Statistics i did, and i am more then happy!
I was really surprised by the possibilities and features of this addon. the styling is also nice and modern. the author answered fast my questions.
Absolutely an amazing add-on! Exactly what my community needed, very customizable. Developer is very responsive and is very open to helping us out! Thank you so much!
A huge thank you to @021 for being fantastic for the past couple of days going through some features with me as well as swiftly fixing all bugs reported. A fully flexible add-on. Turn your forum into a live content feed!
I don't often leave reviews as you can tell. First time dealing with this dev. So far it's been a spectacular experience. He's basically ruined it for everyone else as I will now be expecting same day bug and feature improvements from everyone else on XF ;)

This addon is now by far the best stats addon on XF. I know because I paid money to move away from AddonFlare's similar addon. Works beautifully with UIX styles also. Don't hesitate to get this one.
.hahaha, thanks for the review. I will try to continue to amaze my customers :D
A great add-on to display the latest forum activity, you can either display it on top of page or in the sidebar. The add-on includes many options to customize it as preferred. The developer taking feedback seriously and very fast in implementing new features.
.thanks so much for your review!
This addon has a lot of options first of all. Second of all if you run a commercial forum, this addon might be very useful for you. You can sell stickied threads and links. So like if one vendor in your forum wants to advertise himself, he can buy a link/thread and display it on the statistics page above everything for the amount of day he paid for. You can configure styles, like height of the widget, you can put widgets everywhere, choose what tabs to display, create own tabs Also dev is very quick in adding suggestions and fixes bugs very fast.
.thanks so much for your review!