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Unmaintained [BP] Light Switch and Style Chooser 1.0.7

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
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This add-on only supports Xenforo 2.1.x and does not support 2.0.x because of Font Awesome 5

This is another free add-on I've decided to contribute to the community. It's a Light Switch and a Style Chooser based on style ids.

Simply put the light switch is a light bulb you can configure in a couple different areas of the navigation bar. When you click it the color of the light bulb will change to "on" and the light style will change to the dark style. If you click it again the style will change back to light and the color of the light bulb will change back. It's a neat little addition to my own site and I want to share it with you all.

It comes with a image that changes colors but you can also opt. for a font awesome light bulb and use that in as easy as a click. You can also change the color of the font awesome light bulb when on and when off in style properties.

There's also a style chooser. In order to set these styles up you simply go to your sites style chooser and view the URL of the style. The number that's inside the URL is your style ID. You then go to options and add in the corresponding light and dark style IDs or the style chooser IDs to appear in the style chooser. It's as simple as that. You set the option to cut it on, you put in your style IDs and you have a ready-to-go style chooser and light switch at your disposal.

Feature List:

Option to place light switch to the left of the forum username in the navigation
Option to place the light switch to the right of search in the navigation
Option to disable light switch on mobile
Option to place style chooser in the right of the sub-navigation
Option to place style chooser on the right inside the header
Option to place style chooser on the right inside the footer
Option to disable style chooser on mobile
Option to remove style chooser title
Style Property to use font awesome light bulb icon
Style Property to change "on" and "off" colors of font awesome icon
Style Property to change the preview colors of each style's preview box
Fully Permissioned
Fully phrased
Up to 5 configurable light switch styles can be added for each light and dark style
Up to 10 styles can be added to the chooser

In order to use this add-on properly I wanted to note that while options are global, style properties are based on the style alone. The portion of the add-on that includes editing style properties will need to be edited in the parent style so that the children will also have the property enabled.

If you have never installed an add-on before or need help installing Xenforo 2 add-ons, please view this page.

Brad Padgett
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Latest reviews

works very well but the bulb size is too large, especially on mobile browsers. Where can we edit this?
Brad Padgett
Brad Padgett
Thank you for the review. If your using the latest version there's an option to disable the bulb on mobile. Shoot me a private message and I'll help you with the CSS to fix the size
Awesome work! I've looking for something like this for a while. I would like to recommend a "size" and "alignment" settings for the light bulb itself. I added it through extra.css, but it would have been nice to have it in your add-on as well. Thanks again for sharing. :)
Brad Padgett
Brad Padgett
Thank you for the review. I'm glad you like that. I will keep that in mind in future updates