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Unmaintained Beautifully Simple 1.0

No permission to buy (CA$30.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
Updates duration
6 months, 10$ Renewal
Visible branding
Beautifully Simple is a simple theme that consists of the colors blue, green and lighter shades of grey.

Features aren't many,
Beautifully Simple is a simple theme, Just install and go, Everything will just work.

The main feature of this design is the navigation, It has been completely revamped to have dropdown menu's, So weather your on the forums tab, members tab or anywhere for that matter you can view the dropdown by hovering over it and visiting any link you wish. It is also responsive but hey, I think we're all expecting that.

Not sure what else to say, It's just simple.

Screenshot_1.png Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_4.png Screenshot_5.png Screenshot_6.png Screenshot_7.png Screenshot_8.png Screenshot_9.png Screenshot_10.png Screenshot_11.png Screenshot_12.png Screenshot_13.png

  • Extract Folder from ZIP to desktop
  • Upload the content's of "upload" to the styles directory
  • Install XML

  • Enter PSD folder
  • Edit PSD with Photoshop or GIMP to change the text of the logo
  • Save Logo as PNG
  • Upload Logo to a folder you can remember, such as the custom folder located in /styles/bsimple/custom
  • Edit Header style option
  • Set your logo image to the name of your logo png
  • CTRL + F5 to reload webpage, You should see your logo if done correctly
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