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Unmaintained [bd] Social Share 2.1.0

No permission to buy ($19.00)
the first feature is a bold face lie. the only thing that does what it says, is auto post to group. if you do enable auto post, it posts as you, the admin, every time. If you're looking to buy you'll get messages from the dev, but soon as the money is sent, silence mode.
Well I have had this add on for a long time now and have never been able to get it up and running. It would also seem that xfrocks is not really doing any support on it either here or on his site. So overall rather a disappointing state of affairs all round.
Well the idea is great and I always wanted an add on that could do this. Setting up the Twitter API was easy but when it came to the Facebook one I finally just gave up. No matter how I tried I just could not get it to be passed by Facebook and there always seemed something that they would fail it on. So unless you really know how to get around the Facebook API you might end up with the add on only working on Twitter as I have.
Sorry for your problem, Facebook recently changed their review process and now requires a lot of information to be able to pass. I will collect information and put up a detailed instruction for this.
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Brilliant add on - Simple set up, it does exactly what it says.

I had to change to Friendly URL's to get the FB integration working correctly but that's no bad thing.

Vital for getting threads advertised to your FB & Twitter accounts, especially editorial content.

Every time I use it I see hundreds of extra visitors to my site - worth every penny.
Really auto share?
Sorry, what was the problem?
bought this last night, works great out of the box, doesn't impact my website speed in any way from what I see, A+ from me :)
A very much needed and a great tool for driving traffic towards my site.... thanks for this xFrocks. I am eagerly waiting to see your next add-on..
Works great without any problems, Dev is already showing that they will update this add-on based on feedback whats great to see.