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Unmaintained [bd] Cache 1.1.0

No permission to buy ($10.00)
This add-on has worked wonders for our forum! Thank you very much. Great developer with very quick support and custom assistance! Thanks xfrocks :D
Useful plugin and helped speed up my site and reduce server load just as I wanted. I rated 4 stars because I personally don't like how paying for your add-ons work (as in technically you pay $5/m versus $5 one-time).
I'm glad it works well for you and appreciate your comment regarding our licensing terms.
After having upgraded to a VPS and working towards tweaking and optimizing for the best possible performance, I came across this add-on. I had two options, [bd] Cache by xfrocks for $5 or the LiteSpeed cache add-on with having to pay an extra $6 every month for a upgraded LiteSpeed license.

After reading the discussion and having used other add-ons from xfrocks, I selected this add-on! The installation was a breeze, and the set-up is very easy, works out of the box perfectly for those who want to benefit without tweaking much.

The amount of guests we receive is very high on certain days, and I have seen improved server performance thanks to this add-on, have also noticed bandwidth conservation. The advantage with this add-on is that you could have it running on a shared set-up too! It doesn't require a VPS as such, if I had come across it sooner I would have been using it for a longer time!

Thank you xfrocks, not only for this add-on but all your quality add-ons. Well worth the $5!
Buggy software, it rendered pages useless so I had to uninstall after 2 minutes. Even if I tweaked the settings and disabled the JS defer option. I don't have a heavily modified Xenforo install.
What is the issue? We have never received any question from you?
Oddly enough, this increased my traffic from twitter.
Very noticeable improvement handling guests, well done.
now my forum running 2.5x faster
good job! you rock :D
Works great. Thanks for the awesome support :)
xf rocks and so does all his addons!
Well Done xfrocks !
Feel the difference. Great add-on!