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Unmaintained [bd] Attachment Store 1.3.7

No permission to buy ($19.00)
Add-on is great. But if you're new to amazon s3 and cloudfront, think long and hard about using this add-on. The installation instructions are lacking and outdated. I'd give it an excellent mark if the support to get the add-on to work properly was better.
Installed this add-on to be able to see images when editing a post. Without it all you get is the ATTACH BB code which is rather lame in a WYSIWYG editor.
Works well. Need to make sure that, if you use s3, you cannot set up subdomain as s3 bucket if you're using SSL on your main domain without loading the SSL to your bucket.
Excellent addon built by a gifted developer! If you're using CDN you need this little gem to create 'normal' attachments (image extension) so CDN can pick it up.
If I was only allowed one addon in Xenforo, it would be this. An absolute necessity for anyone serious about redundancy and High Availability. [comment filler to get to 150 characters]
I have to review again to update how I'm using this awesome addon. With this addon I successfully and easily transferred 80GB of attachments (about 400k files) to the /data directory. Which means, now all my attachments are being served by my CDN along with everything else in the /data directory. Wohoo! So far my CDN bandwidth has quintupled and is still rising... but that's a good thing :) Thanks xfrocks.
Great add-on and great support by xfrocks! Extremely recommended!
Very useful! Good stuff!
And the developer is very helpful. :-)
Still one of the most useful add-ons available for anyone with a large amount of attachments on their forum.
Works great and thanks for the support!
I'm not sure what I need this for, but yeah!
Very useful addon!
A must for those who wish to host the images on another server. Great support too!
Great add-on. Currently using this via local storage, but having the data directory served from a CDN. Now XenMediaGallery and Showcase are able to use the CDN
A dream come true.
It's Rocks!
xfrocks rocks!