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[bd] Alerts 0.9.7

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Added support for multi/single sending mode...

Sending mass alert to users will now get significantly faster when you only need to target a small set of users. For larger sets, the multi mode will work as expected: slowly and reliably send alerts to unlimited number of users. Additionally, this update bring new option to choose how many users to process each time.

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  • Added support for XenForo 1.2 direct email send
For more information, click here.
  1. Added support for XenForo 1.2 mail queue
  2. Added options to turn on/off alert grouping and mark as read via email feature
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Now works flawlessly with XenForo 1.2 (Gold). Emails from the built-in Forum Watch feature (starting with 1.2) are fully supported.
0.9.3/1 Added sending tool (in AdminCP)
0.9.3/2 Added grouping support for profile post comment alerts

For detail information with screenshot, please see here.
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