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Navigate to the window below and select the banned_emails.xml file that is included in the zip archive.

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  1. 09.2019_3

    New Functionalities none Bugfixes & Changes Update to 25,802 items Thanks to @Anomandaris
  2. 09.2019_2

    New Functionalities none Bugfixes & Changes removed some duplicates that led to an error
  3. 09.2019

    New Functionalities none Bugfixes & Changes Added a list of about 8000 emails.

Latest reviews

By screening through this XML I found that most of important email service providers (whether free or paid, whether ISP-hosted or not) in Mainland China are on the list. They are simply domain names misused by trash email senders (they can fake sender's email address as they wish). This list really needs thorough verification, despide that it is fully loaded with prejudices from first world countries.
I'm guided by the big lists. If you have suggestions for improvement, you are welcome to write them to me.
Only saw this now, exactly what I had been looking for in a long time. Thanks for sharing this great resource!
Must have list to add!!! Saved me a lot of time.
Many emails in this list from garbage email providers I did not even know existed.
Perfect! helps allot against people that just use throwaway emails! cant ask for anything more. Easy to use as well. Thanks!
Thank you very much. I have a problem with spam registers and I hope it will work for me :) Good job!
I hope this too; Good luck
thanks! I was looking for something like that for a longer time here. thanks! I was looking for something like that for a longer time here.thanks! I was looking for something like that for a longer time here.