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As there is no preview button in the quick reply in XenForo 1, the full-size editor page behind the "More Options..." button serves for that purpose. If you're tempted to rename the button to "Preview...", the next question you will ask is: can I load the preview automatically on the next page?

With this simple add-on, you can. Thumbs up.

Or you cannot. Because it's not working with Firefox. But there's a solution to that, check the discussion thread.

An alternative to this approach is the preview overlay:
Works as described. I'm not sure why in the original functionality one would have to click to see a preview. This little addon makes it easier for my users. Thanks!
Does what it describes :) This is something that my old vBulletin setup use to do, and my members liked the automatic preview. Happy to see this add-on.
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