Auto Watch Forum

Auto Watch Forum 0.9.4

No permission to buy ($25.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
Visible branding
That add-on allows to you auto watch forum when new account is created.


Send Notification​
When new thread in that forum​
When new message in that forum​

Notification Via​
Notification as forum alert​
Notification as e-mail alert​
Push Notification (XF 2.1+ support)​

One click feature to enable and disable the add-on functionality​

Forums IDs​
Allowed unlimited forum to add in watch list.​
Existing Users​
Added support for existing users to add auto watch forum.​

The mentioned forums will auto watched, and new registered user will receive notifications and can stop anytime.

Bill Arf
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest reviews

I have just implemented this Auto Watch add-on.

It is working just perfectly. In addition to ensuring that new registrations are set to "watch" any Forums I choose - I set all existing members to watch as well.

An added bonus is that because I have set the "Resources" add-on to automatically create a new thread in a watched Forum - all members also get notified if a Resource is added...

Excellent new features for our club forum..

Many thanks Bill
and BTW first class support...!