Auto thread Thumbnail by Xenbros

Auto thread Thumbnail by Xenbros 2.3.2

No permission to buy ($15.00)
Fixed : thumbnail image issues in whats-new page
Fix : Thread width error fix when creating category
ADD : Thread thumbnail in New Thread widget
ADD : Thread thumbnail in the Search result
Added : custom width for any forum.
Added : custom height for any forum
Added : custom default background for every forum
Added : option to use attachment thumbnail instead of full attachment image URL for any forum
Added : Thumbnail in with New post Widget in Simple View
After long time with xenforo and it's experience the code of threadthumbanil is now shorter 50% :) and lighter without too much template modification. removed multiple function to check the image URL and attachment
FIXED : Now it will select attachment which image only not the first attachment only
ADDED : Default thumbnail URL if there is not image and attachment thumb
Now Support Xenforo 2.1
Use this in only 2.1 or new version of xenforo . for 1.5 or old use 1.x verision
NOTE - Please uninstall old if you gonna use new version of thread Thumbnail Addon
Link option remove it's added by default
Condition fixed when there is no image url
condition fixed when there is no attachment and url both
fixed : Width of icon container with option
Added : option for first image URL of post

Fix: issues with uix theme
Some minor changes
option of link of thread in thread thumbnail

Thumbnail icon size: it's only needed if you using only thumbnail addon
Fixed Height Issues with What's news
Fixed known issues with thread_grid
Note: Thumbnail size will now only work with Grid addon- Possibly will be moved to grid addon in Future update
Additional minor changes In css