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Auto Lock Threads 1.0.0 Beta 2

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This is such a useful addon!
We had already used a comparable function in vB3: Some topics in our forums simply drift away in terms of content or where bad moods get out of hand. Then it is right and important to show the users that something is going wrong - a simple comment/message by a moderator in between is often overlooked / ignored in the heat of the moment. With this addon, users clearly recognise that something is going wrong and that they only have a certain amount of time to correct it / stop it or the topic will close.

The available other "Auto Close" addons fpr xf2.2 only ever close automatically in certain forums. However, it is important for us to manually select topics when things go wrong.

The selection of possible intervals even exceeds what we had used before - but they are great!
au lait
:) Thanks