Article and Forum Connect: XenForo and WordPress

Article and Forum Connect: XenForo and WordPress 1.2.8

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Adds support for threads that are not viewable by guests
API key wizard updates
Fixes WordPress 6.4 incompatibility
  • Fix for comment template from other plugins being unset
  • Notice of failed Article Forum Connect Plus check
  • Adds support for WordPress Application Passwords for API authentication
Fix full width iframe featured posts container width
Fix featured posts image max width
Option to override comments links to go directly to thread
API key wizard fixes
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Handle template includes in overridden templates
We're a bit behind on updates, so here's everything that's new:

  • Adds setting to auto-open iframe
  • Hides/shows XF user ID/API key fields based on using iframe

  • Adds auth-only mode for commenting on non-linked threads
  • Adds function to check XF usergroup membership in templates
  • Allows for templates to be overridden within a theme
  • Adds iframe loading spinner and text
  • Adds support for scrolling to posts within the iframe
  • Adds support for changing post permalink to WordPress post URL within the iframe
  • Adds supports for jumping to unread posts within the iframe

  • Adds support for forcing a light/dark mode for the iframe
  • Fixes bug with creating threads from pages
  • Fixes bug with WP authentication

  • Auto-approves comments posted from forum

  • Allows for templates to be overridden within a theme
  • Adds shortcode for XF user logged in state to be used in header

  • Numerous improvements to the iframe experience

  • Option for using email address with gravatar

  • New tab-based options page for easier configuration
  • New onboarding flow to help with setting up the plugin for the first time
  • New API Key wizard to help with setting up the API key and required scopes
  • New feature: add a paywall to your posts based on XenForo usergroups
  • New feature: add a username and avatar component or login/register buttons to your page header with new shortcode [afc-xf-user-state]
  • Some fixes for auth-only mode
  • Only use legacy thread ID meta value for old posts
  • Checks if email address is set in comments before using it for a gravatar
  • Uses the remember me cookie as well as the session cookie

  • Get comments count from thread reply count
  • Fixes permissions on post voting
  • Fixes issue with default thread config not being populated
  • Fixes issue with undefined avatar variable
  • Fixes issue with comments template not being loaded

  • Fixes issue with long post titles causing error when creating thread
  • Fixes issue with encoded HTML entities being displayed in thread title

  • Fixes issue with encoded HTML entities being displayed in thread body
  • Fixes some hardcoded text strings

  • Fixes default avatar if user doesn't have one
  • Prevents double comment form submission
  • Hides WP API fields on free version of plugin
  • Small javascript cleanup
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