Alter Ego Detector

Unmaintained Alter Ego Detector 1.7.8

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nice :D
This is an excellent replacement to the now defunct Multiple Account Detector. Fantastic work.
Glad you like it :)
The add-on works as advertised but in our case, it did not work out well for us on a high-volume forum due to workflow issues. We may look at this again, at a later time.
I only use the cookie detection and is a nice extra in combination with the xenforo ip check just to be sure.
Echo'ing bcercan's remarks.... It's a bit challenging sifting through multiple threads by the same user. If a PC is being shared, such as a business PC where multiple employees use my site, it clutters things up.
I recommend using the report centre and the report option if possible. I can't offer an ETA of when this addon will track what threads it creates to avoid the issue described.
Add-on works fine but it create multiple account threads by one specific user which means you're unable to find wheter member using multiple accounts or not after your Multiple Accounts section reach 10k+ threads all created by one specific member! Also it creates same thread every time user login with his alternate account so for example when member joined 100 times with his alternate account, then you've 100 threads for it in your Multiple Accounts section which is one of the worst part of this add-on.
I'll be releasing an update in the next week or so that will fix these issues.
Very good add-on compared to many similar add-ons that I've used throughout the years. The developer is also very responsive and fixes bugs/adding feature requests when it's possible. Thank you for offering this add-on for free and keep up to good work :)
Works well for detecting duplicate accounts with a decent set of reporting options. A great for reducing the guesswork involved in manual duplicate account detection.
Nice :)
Great add-on that will save my moderator team hours of guess-work regarding possible duplicate accounts. Thanks, Shaun :)