Alphabetical pagination for XF and more

Alphabetical pagination for XF and more 1.6

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[fixed] Alben Sort in Categorie
[add] XenGallery -> Categorys ABC

[fixed] Several other improvements
[*] Many changes
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[add] XenGallery -> Your Albums
[add] XenGallery -> Albums Shared With You

[fixed] Several other improvements
[fixed] Thread Order
[add] Resource Manager Author ABC pagination

[*] other optimizations
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[add] Considering the Settings; or choose from the user.
[add] ACP Option -> "Sort Results by title, username etc."
[add] ACP Option -> to select on witch side show the Block "All", "0-9", and "@"

[fixed] Several other improvements
[add] Multi language Support!
- You be able to use your own alphabet and even more other!

[fixed] Some other improvements
[add] option to select witch nodes are the Option "Forum Thread ABC pagination" activ

[add] Forum Member
[add] Forum Conversation
[add] MG sort Gallery Categories
[add] Resource Manager Index
[add] Resource Manager Category
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