Alphabetical pagination for XF and more

Alphabetical pagination for XF and more 1.6

No permission to buy ($15.95)
I don't use XF Media Gallery or the Resource Manager, so I can't comment on those specifically, but my experience with using it with threads was not what I was hoping for. To sort threads in strict alphabetical order, you have to use the addon's "Sort Results by title, username etc." option, but when you do this the threads are stuck in alphabetical order. The only way you can sort threads back to last message time or thread creation time, etc., is via the Thread Display Options. This might not be so bad, except that if a user chooses to display by last message time, the threads revert back to alphabetical order as soon as they try to go beyond the first page. (This doesn't happen when sorting by thread creation time.) So it's an either or situation: if you want to sort by title or author, whatever, users will be stuck with it. To be fair, I might have realized this from using the demo, but unfortunately the demo wasn't working when I tried it (wouldn't accept the demo login credentials given). I went ahead and took a chance by buying the addon, since it's only $6, so that's my own fault. Anyway, I'm sure it's great for a lot of situations, just be aware of its limitations if you're wanting your users to have the OPTION of alphabetical sorting by title, username, etc., but don't want them to have ONLY that option.
This add-on is so meaningful, really. Don't know how forums could run without it. You can add alphabetical paging everywhere, even where you would not have thought about: at forums thread listing. Best is using it in Xen Media Gallery, 10 stars for that!
Does just what it says, with some surprisingly useful configuration options. The ability to make the plugin work on specific nodes is key to what I needed for my forum. Also the support is quick and helpful!
Au lait support is one of the in XF, His addon is woking great, and communication was very professional and friendly.
Awesome and the price is perfect for this type of add-on.

Before I was using 3 different addons to get the same results.
Works Perfect! I asked au lait if he could extend it to the Media Gallery categories because I have a lot of categories and like them sorted alphabetically. He did a great job, this saves me a lot of work!
Another Great add-on from au lait. :-)
a very userfull feature i missed in the gallery. @au lait did me the favor to code this and it is working great, in combination with mg categories layout too.