Alphabetical pagination (ABP2)

Alphabetical pagination (ABP2) 1.2.2

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[fixed] Filter Categories problems
[fixed] mySQL Error
[add] more flexibility
1) You can change or deactivate "0-9"
2) You can change or deactivate "@"
[fixed] No categories could be selected in the options
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[add] XenForo Categories
[add] Improvement on mobile devices
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[fixed] media/categories Sorting
[fixed] Sort Order
[fixed] characters problems (utf8 / utf8mb4)
[add] Member - List
[fixed] some problems
[add] XenForo Members
[add] XenForo Media Gallery (Many areas)
[add] XenForo Media Gallery -> Sort Categories

[add] XenForo Resources Manager (Many areas)
[add] XenForo Resources Manager -> Sort Categories

[fixed] Conversation

[*] Several improvements / design/phrasen improvements