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Release 1.2.0 has now been released. This release and all future versions requires XenForo 2.1.x and up.
  • Ensures compatibility with XenForo 2.1.x (FontAwesome 5 icons)
  • Removed the twitter ticker widget. It didn't work very well to begin with.
  • No longer uses the Moment.php library to display dates. It now uses the default XF date system. This fixes a frequent error, relating to the Moment.php library.
  • Cleaned up the code
Please remove AH\TwitterWidget\Vendor\Moment from the add-on directory.
Release 1.1.0 has now been released. This update adds a new Twitter Ticker widget. The Twitter Ticker alternates tweets from the list you have specified.


  • Adds a new twitter ticker, with options and style properties
  • A few option phrase changes


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Release 1.0.0 has now been released. The add-on is now considered stable.
  • Added new error message if the add-on cannot connect to Twitter with the given information.
  • Added verified status next to account names.
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  • Added style property for disabling/enabling verified status.
  • A few CSS changes.
Release 0.3b has now been released.
  • Added error handling methods to prevent page breaking errors from appearing on the page in which the widget is active if any of the keys are not entered correctly.
  • Added tooltips to the Twitter actions (reply, retweet, like).
  • Added new style properties to choose to display the Twitter actions and timestamp.
If no new bugs are found in this release, the next version will be considered stable.
Twitter Widget 0.2b has now been released. This version significantly changes the way the add-on works. Now, instead of retrieving tweets from one account, you can identify a list to retrieve tweets from multiple accounts.

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