Add Avatar to Visitor Tab

Add Avatar to Visitor Tab

Here is a simple template mod that adds a users avatar to the visitor tab by their name.


In template navigation_visitor_tab

<a href="{xen:link account}" class="navLink accountPopup NoPopupGadget" rel="Menu"><strong class="accountUsername">{$visitor.username}</strong>
Add the red...
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Steve F
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  1. Fixed Firefox bug

    Account Username not displaying in Firefox Fix /* Avatar in visitor tab */ .navTab...
  2. Updated for 1.2.x

    Removed TMS from resource New instructions for 1.2.x

Latest reviews

Thanks for this have modified this with some code from Sheldon and it looks fantastic. Really appreciate the time and effort dedicated to helping us improve our forums.
Thanks mate.
It works perfectly with the new version 1.2.3 Thanks for your great publication and for your contribution.
Another excellent enhancement by Steve. Thanks for submitting this one. :)
Thanks looks good! :)
Thanks ;)