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Unmaintained Add a "Report" button to the member cards

Add a "Report" button to the member cards

  1. Deceptive
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    The following will show you how to add a report button to member cards.

    Lets say a user is breaking the rules and you go to report that user on their profile, but that user has their account setting to private, you can't report them, then.

    The only way to report someone then is by adding /Report in the url.

    So what you want...
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Recent Reviews

  1. rav3n83
    Thanks. That was simple but very useful. I implemented this with no problem. Thanks for the easy to follow guide.
  2. Apodictive
    A nice easy to implement change/upgrade and a nice addition to my XenForo forum. Thanks for sharing this guide. :)
  3. balkanminion
    amazing, thank you. It helps my community very much. Could u make this maybe with red colour? Or can you give me pls the CSS Code?