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ACP Extended (ACPE)

ACP Extended (ACPE) 1.9.2

No permission to buy ($35.99)
[add] Supportet PHP Version 5.5.4
[fixed] Several improvements
[add] alphabetical sorting for
  • Style Properties
  • Permissions
  • Template Mods
[add] alphabetical sorting for Admin SubNavigation

[add] clear log buttons for Logs
[fixed] Several improvements
[add] Extensive import export of the users - supports XML/CSV
[add] Spider/Bots management incl. Including blocking

[add] clear button for Moderator Log
[add] clear button for Admin Log
[add] clear button for User Change Log
[add] clear button for User ACP Logins Log.

[fixed] Several improvements


[add] Possibility to mark all settings for export

[change] Disabled add-ons are also displayed in the respective category.

[fixed] "Template Modifications" -> "Custom Modifications" was displayed under "disabled"
[fixed] Several improvements
Likes: Sunka
[add] List soft delete Threads
[add] List soft delete Posts

[fixed] Server Error Logs -> Clear Button Function

[fixed] Several improvements
[add] Export/Import for Options || DebugMode must be switched on!
[add] Add-On Note For information on an add-on. (E.g. Self-made changes to an add-on that is then displayed as a hint before an update/deinstall.
[add] "Enhanced Search" new Version Check for Admin-Home
[add] Error-Log "Clear all Logs" Button

[fixed] ACP -> logs/logins pagination
[fixed] Several other improvements
[fixed] some problems/errors
[information] To update this add-ons please disable it!

[fixed] if cron for checking XenForo version disabled - Then the last version information hide
[fixed] Who voted link: moved from Thread tools to be beside Edit link on pool itself.
[fixed] Phrase accp_copy_to_clipboard not exists
[fixed] Change the geo ip provider - to update this infos into the ACP; You must enable the DEBUG Mode and reload the ACP Home page.
[fixed] DB-Tools Header-link
[fixed] Hide .htaccess Tools If no Apache used!
[fixed] Eror-Log Copy

[change] Show voters - open list in pop up window

[add] List Voters in PopUp
[add] Tabs for Add-Ons
[add] Option to choose where the "Template-Favoriten-Box" to display
[add] Option reorder by default (For existing ACPE installations: This will only happen after all existings add-ons have been updated)

Thanks to @Freelancer, @otto and @Sunka for your help


[fixed] Firewall - if no IP is entered, the ACP is not accessible!
[fixed] firewall default ON changed to default OFF

I beg your pardon for this error!
[improved] Log Filter
[improved] .htaccess IP Ban

[add] Firewall
with E-Mail send Options on; failed login, IP-Blocking, Login success, unknow user.
With a link in the email to ban the User
[add] ACP-Login Log

[fixed] Versions Check