ACP Extended (ACPE)

ACP Extended (ACPE) 1.9.2

No permission to buy ($18.95)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.4, 1.5
1 license = 1 site
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3 Months - $18.95 | 1 Year - $49.95 | Lifetime - $135.95
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This Add-On features numerous enhancements for XenForo and especially the ACP, and which improve many security-related functions, the security of your XenForo.

The following functions provides you the ACP Extended (please look at the images - more on

ACP -> Home:

  • Current XF version in the header *1
  • Info bar for a new version of by XenForo, XF Resource Manager and XF Media Gallery *1
  • Number of Error Logs
  • Info-bar if the admin.php file is not protected
  • Hosting-Info-Box
  • Server Info-Box
  • CHMOD Info-Box for important files
  • Switch debug mode on / off (Debug Mode in the front visible to admins!)
  • XenForo database size
  • Statistics Attachments:
    • Attachment Records
    • Attachment Downloads
    • Attachment Disc Usage
  • Spider/Bots management including blocking
ACP -> Options:
  • List of options sortable
  • Options reorder by ABC
  • Export/Import current settings (DebugMode must be switched on)
ACP -> Firewall:
  • Allow access to AdminCP from specific IPs.
  • Send E-Mail: all fails eg Wrong password/Unknow User, wrong IP
ACP -> Add-ons:
  • Categorize Add-Ons
  • List of add-ons sortable
  • List by active and inactive add-ons
  • Note for Add-Ons - Displayed during update / deinstallation
ACP -> Error Logs:
  • Error grouped by error types
  • Printable full screen view
  • Error message BCCode formatted, copy into the clipboard
  • Clear Logs
ACP -> ACP Logins Log:
  • Log all Login attempts
ACP -> Tools:
  • PHP Info page linked
  • DB Tools:
  • DB Tables Overview
  • ·DB SQL-Querys execute (area is password protected)
ACP -> User:
  • Extensive import export of the users Support XML/CSV
  • Delete Account -> with (all selectable individually)
    • Threads
    • Posts
    • Profile Posts
    • Profile Comments
    • XenForo Media Gallery
    • XenForo Resource Manager
  • Ability to block more e-mail addresses at once
  • With Import/Export function
  • IP deny by .htaccess
ACP -> Phrases:
  • Phrases - Filter by Add-On / Type
ACP -> Template:
  • With Template favorites function
  • Templates/ Admin Templates - Filter by Add-On
  • Collapsed for more clarity
ACP -> User Group Permissions:
  • Collapsed for more clarity
ACP -> Applications:
  • "Who voted?"
  • Show soft delete Threads
  • Show soft delete Posts

*1 = To provide this service, a connection is established to This site provides this informations. There are no information is transmitted!
If you do not want this, go to "cron entries" and deactivate "Extended ACP - Get the XF Versions"
au lait
First release
Last update
4.29 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.9.2

    [add] Supportet PHP Version 5.5.4 [fixed] Several improvements
  2. Version 1.9.1

    [add] alphabetical sorting for Style Properties Permissions Template Mods [add] alphabetical...
  3. Version 1.9.0

    [add] Extensive import export of the users - supports XML/CSV [add] Spider/Bots management incl...

Latest reviews

Author support is very slow. Add on isn't worth the money, save your $36. IMO the add on is buggy and with slow support.
au lait
au lait
Buggy because wrong data is displayed coming from a third party!?

A little "gem" in the XF add-on collection. Underestimated but essential necessity for professional administration work. Import/Export of Members and the "clean up" of the ACP are just two things I won't miss anymore.
Very ambitious developer who can be convinced to add user recommended features. Considering from where the add-on started and what features it has now, I can only say that this brings a tremendous advantage for the daily "admin business". Easy add-on management by custom add-on categories, debug mode switching from ACP home, phrase editing on the fly (in a side-by-side list mode!) are only a few good things needed to mention that make life easier for admins.
Would have given v1.4 five stars if it wasn't for the update workaround problem, but this add-on has gotten much better.
I have to say that this addon is excellent for any Administrator. Developer of this addon, @au lait, is open for suggestions, and very flexible. This addon worth more than 20 dollars, so now it is your chance to buy it.
Also, this is not just another ACP addon, it is more like couple of ACP addons merged into one. Think of it, how much you will have to pay for several little addons from several developers - more than 20 dollars.
Dankeschön Au lait
One of the best developer for xenforo addons. He listen to problems and answer quickly. These addon is another helpful one. It extended the acp options with very helpful settings. I didn't had any problems with an upgrade.. Thanks for that.
Too many problems. The developer always starts everything out in beta mode but never states that. Beware...

au lait
au lait
There were new features and in this 2 little bugs.
A bug lead to shut out from the ACP. but this did not lead to data loss! About the config the add-on could be deactivated, and so the access be recovered on the ACP. The error has been fixed prompt!
Absolutely recommended add-on with a lot of helpful features, works perfectly for me. I received incredible support from the author, thank you very much for this. Keep up the great work, au lait! :)
Very sophisticated add-on that extends the admin control panel with many features that are very useful. Shortcuts included for most daily tasks and the info summary is very helpful.
A very helpfull Add-on! I work with the developer since early alpha versions since weeks and can say - I cant without it now. Thanks for making this. :)