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Account Upgrade With Promo Code 2019-02-17

No permission to buy ($30.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
Allows admin to generate list of promo code for account upgradation against available User Upgrades
  • Admin can manual set code string.
  • Admin can select one or more user upgrade packages while create code.
  • Admin can also set how many times a code can b used
  • Admin can also disabled any code any time .
  • Admin can also create a promo code for full amount
Note :
Please send me PM if you want any other feature on it
fahad ashraf
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Sadly I need to rate only with one star. The addon doesnt work at all. I get on every purchase massiv errors (INVALID PAYMENT AMOUNT) and I need to do every userupgrade for my own. I also cant chance codes which are on the second or third site stored (error page not found...)

Also it seems like the developer doesnt want to help. Everything is my fault and he is also not interested to fix this erros. I cant recommendet to use this addon - hopefully a other developer will release a similar working addon.
fahad ashraf
fahad ashraf
@eazycheats i have told you many times the problem is only your side no one else report me issues that you are reporting even i have debug it many times on my local and asked with many other clients everyone saying addon working perfectly so it clearing there is problem only on your site, i said i can debug it on your side you will have to pay me but you are not willing to pay me , trying to dealing with me i also said you check it on fresh install and you said i can't do this so i am really sorry i can't help you, and one more thing i didn't made this addon only for you i made it for general obviously if your site has errors due to which my addon is not working so it simply mean i can't help you untill you will allow me to debug it .. Thanks , i hope first you will fixed your site then purchase any new addon related to payments
Great add-on! I was looking for something similar and thank God I found this. I recommend it ! works without problems
Perfect addon, I was looking for something like this the last couple months. The support is also very nice and quick.
Very good add-on! Also the support is always fast and very good. I recommend it ! works without problems