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Unmaintained A lot of user group permissons in one add-on 1.3.5

No permission to buy ($9.00)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
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Many of the owners of this forum, sooner or later, ask questions: how to make a purchase access to paid group more attractive? How to deal with annoying spammers? How to simplify your work with rights for groups / nodes?

Response and assistance in addressing these issues you provide us drawing the addon that will help limit or expands the rights for groups and users.

1. Resolution on placing links in posts and profile.

With this function, you can achieve blocking spammers, together with automatic increase in rights.

For example, put a group of users that just registered ban on placing links. After the user has written the n-th number of messages, it will automatically be transferred to another group, the restrictions on the placement of links in which - absence.

By default - these options are banned, so after installation, you must provide the necessary groups.

2. Setting limits:

- The number of likes;

- Messages Profile;

- Comments profile.

Allows you to set restrictions for different user groups by the number of likes (Posts profile, comments profile) per day. If the limit is reached - button hiding and will again available through the time you set, which is regulated by a plug-in (hour, day, week).

Resources / media are not affected.

Limitations is setseparately for each category.For example, this may be 5 likes per day or10 per week or hour. All can be so, how u wish.

3. Restriction on the number of new thread in a particular forum.

Allows for each section and a user groups to create a limit on the number of new thread.

4. The right to view self warnings.

Makes it possible to differentiate amongst a usergroups in their profile linkwarnings and information on them, as well as a moderator.

5. Post links without attribute «nofollow»

By default on all external links, except those places admin, contain this attribute. If someone from the users will be the granting of rights, links posted them will be as links to places that the admin, and will not contain the attribute «nofollow»

6. Hide your online status

The presence of this right allows the user to be "hidden". Moreover, the right set only for a certain group. If after a while the user is changing the group, which does not include the right,the option to become a "hidden" is no longer available.

Be careful:
By default, no one can be "hidden", as well as, all users are prevented from placing links in your profile and messages. After the installation of addon these parameters must be set manually for certain groups.

If you have any questions regarding the plug-in, or you want to remove / add any options, contact us. Always glad to help you and simplify your life.

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This addon have a lot of great features to control the users group, highly recommended, Akinak is a great developer. I recommend all his addons, top service & quality. Thank so much!