[021] ChatGPT Spam Filter

[021] ChatGPT Spam Filter 1.1.0

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At the time of providing this review, this addon is not effective. I have several of 021 AI addons, and all work amazingly, except this one. I have a mental health forum and it lets through basic SEO marketing spam. I removed a bunch of firewall exclusions to help test this, and its ineffective. I have adjusted the Temp setting up and down, nothing has really changed. I believe this needs either stricter programming OR allow each forum admin to program this to their sites niche. For example, any new member posts that fall within the boards maximum messages to check, that contain a link, should go into moderation. That is the bread and butter of new member spam. If the subject content is different to the boards title, it should go into moderation. There are some basic knowns to spam, and it seems these are ignored by this addon at the basic level, rendering it pretty useless at this time. Needs a lot of work and/or allow the board owner to implement specific programming to allow AI to better cater the forum topic for new member posting.
Thanks for your feedback. Could you please contact me and provide real examples where the add-on didn't work? This will help me make it better.
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