[021] ChatGPT Autoresponder

[021] ChatGPT Autoresponder 1.4.0

No permission to buy ($25.99)
I was able to install and configure this 99% with no instruction. Just needed help understanding one permission setting. After that, it works as advertised. Quarantined to a playpen forum node and only paid members get to play. It's some silly (for now) fun.
a must-have addon if you want to build new forum from scratch or maintain activity around your forum. Good job!
Impressively written tool that interacts with ChatGTP. We have only had it for 12 hours, but my members are loving it so far. It handles follow-up questions well, within the same thread, and gives meaningful intelligently worded replies. The permissions integrate well with the Xenforo interface, and it was simple to set it up. Author has been very responsive, too.
Great , fun, and scary. The responses are not 100% accurate to what is actually happening if you are being specific (no fault to 021), but for general questions and more so open-ended requests, this is very engaging.
This could be an indispensable tool if used properly and can add (artificial) life to your forum. It seems to be well done and the developer responds very quickly.
Inspired by recent reviews I nipped over the the sax cafe even though I'm tone death to take a look. What a giggle, I installed in on a forum that only subscribers have access to. They have been having a blast 107 threads with 433 replies in 10 hours. :)
Update 1.2.0 shows superfast response from developer to customer feedback and suggestions. My users are really enjoying this.
This is a great addon and works beautifully. It certainly seems to be getting engagement, time will tell whether that continues but it's great fun. I hope nobody takes it too seriously.
"AI (Artificial Intelligence) is widely regarded as the future because it has the potential to transform virtually every aspect of our lives, from the way we work and communicate to the way we learn and entertain ourselves."
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