[021] AI Bots – ChatGPT, DALL-E 2

[021] AI Bots – ChatGPT, DALL-E 2 1.2.0

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
PHP 7.4+
[021] ChatGPT Framework 1.5.0+
Updates duration
3 months / 6 months / 1 year
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Artificial intelligence on the forum? Ooh yeah :cool:

A powerful tool that will blow your forum activity to the skies 🌠
Thanks to two built-in handlers: ChatGPT and GPT Dall-E.
Bots on these handlers are capable of:
  • Reply in threads to quotes, mentions and posts posted in specified nodes.
  • Reply to quotes, mentions and private messages in conversations.
  • Reply to posts and comments in bot profile.
  • Generate images in three sizes up to 4 pieces, understanding messages in any language.
  • Ignore messages if they do not refer to a bot.
  • Have different prompt for certain nodes where different variables are available.
  • A lot of small options for flexible configuration.
But let's take a closer look at what an impressive experience awaits you:

ChatGPT πŸ†

Best for communication​

Everyone has already heard about what ChatGPT is, but we not only heard, we also used its capabilities to the maximum in this add-on! Thanks to the flexible customization of prompts for different situations (specific nodes, conversations, threads, etc.), variables in them, the smart ignore function, context loading into the bot and triggers, we got a mind-blowing result: thanks to a certain combination of these settings, it is almost impossible to distinguish a bot from a forum member, a very smart member. But at the same time, you can configure it to behave as you like: for example, like an experienced saxophonist constantly mentioning his old days, or like a slightly stupid cat.

Technical details: Uses the gpt-3.5-turbo model from OpenAI. (Also supports gpt-4 models).

GPT Dall-E 🧩

Makes images as prompted​

To be honest, when I developed this handler, I was as impressed as any regular user.
Bot on a forum that GENERATES IMAGES FROM PROMPTS! WHAT?! I want to test it!
– So I thought - so will your users, whom you can then attract to purchase a paid upgrade to continue using this handler, because the permissions allow it 😏

Technical details: Uses the gpt-3.5-turbo model to transform the user's message into the desired hint and DALLΒ·E 2 to generate images.

Bot making service πŸ”¨

In fact, programming ChatGPT even in natural language requires certain skills and tests. Putting together a working prompt sometimes takes a lot of effort, and in order to achieve a stable behavior model, a whole combination of parameters is often required.
Support for the add-on does not include services to provide such assistance, but we understand that such tasks can cause difficulties for our customers, so we have introduced a paid service for developing your own bots.
We provide services both for programming the ChatGPT handler and writing new functional handlers, since the add-on allows you not only to reply to messages, but also to perform actions on the forum using artificial intelligence.

Tuning, Permissions, Restrictions, Triggers ℹ️

You can read about all this in the add-on guide.

Use of third party services πŸ“

The add-on uses OpenAI services, which means you require an OpenAI API key and you may be charged additional fees for using these services.
In case of failure of these services, the author of the add-on is not responsible for its work.

Demonstration of art 🎨

We have put together a few bots for you to test. All of them are based only on the built-in functions of the add-on and the right prompt:

Just a slightly weird cat who responds to your messages in a funny way.
Responds to posts in his section and private messages.
Replies to posts and comments in the profile.
The number of replies in threads is limited to 25 per day.
The number of replies in private messages is limited to 10 per day.
To remove these restrictions, you can purchase our VIP group... Hahah, kidding ;)

More serious work. Translates messages that were not posted in English. Otherwise, it ignores, thanks to the enabled Smart ignore option and the prompt. Works in the TranslateGPT section.
The number of replies in threads is limited to 15 per day.

Generates images for all messages posted in the Imagination section.
Replies to posts and comments in the profile.
The number of replies in threads is limited to 5 per day. Up to 4 images can be requested for 1 reply.

External calls​

When installing / rebuilding the add-on from your server, a call will be made to the devsell.io servers to check for a license on your domain. At the same time, the following information about the request is stored on the devsell.io servers: User Agent and the IP from which the request was made.
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Latest reviews

This is an amazing add-on! Works perfect and easy to install since the instructions are very explicit. Keep up the good work!
Thank you very much!
This thing is next level insane. Honestly! This is stupid amazing software integration. Zero errors or conflicts from this software installed in the latest version. That in itself can be hard to find, which says the coding from 021 is solid. If you run a niche forum and don't have ChatGPT helping, you're missing out. Its a niche expert once programmed, that never forgets anything from any book or published document. Obviously try before you buy, but stupid crazy amazing that every forum could benefit.

Programming the prompt is easy by using ChatGPT to help you create the prompt via suggestions and questions, eventually outputting an accurate prompt for your bot. I only use the ChatGPT portion of this, and its honestly just next level amazing. Obviously there is ongoing cost associated with OpenAI API, but when used as a paid upgrade, that issue becomes the members cost.
Awesome review! Thank you!
Another cool addon for integrating artificial Intelligence into your forums! Able to create multiple bots for different subjects.
Thank you very much!
The first of its kind, a great innovative addon that powers the community with AI, making it much more engaging for users.
Thank you very much!
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