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    Patreon Upgrades [Paid]

    Ahhhh ok. Thanks! I think I have it working now. :)
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    Patreon Upgrades [Paid]

    @Z61 I am confused by how to properly implement this plugin. I have it communicating with Patreon, or so I think, because I am able to go to Setup > Patreon > Manager Rewards and see the unassociated rewards and then associate them with user upgrades on my forum. However I do not understand...
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    Patreon Upgrades [Paid]

    Thanks! When I set that up, should I be able to use the "Send Test" options for Create Pledge, Update Pledge and Delete Pledge from the Patron API control panel?
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    Patreon Upgrades [Paid]

    @Z61 - Is there a FAQ somewhere on how to set up the webhook and what Patreon expects for the URL with URI?
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    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Yeah several of us reported that. Beta 5 is almost ready and corrects that, it seems.
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    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Question: Are we able to upgrade the add-on from one Beta version to the next successive Beta version, and will we be able to do so all the way through to the final release? I attempted to install Beta 4 on my community and I ran into the same bug others have experienced. I could not install...
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    XF 2.0 Where can a forum member find a list of the threads they watch (are subscribed to)?

    To use an old Southern phrase... If it were a snake, it would have bit me. Thanks! :)
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    XF 2.0 Where can a forum member find a list of the threads they watch (are subscribed to)?

    I am running XF 2.0 on a new project. My members are what I would classify as being very "forum savvy" and have approached me with the question: Where can I see what threads I am subscribed to and get email about, and easily unsubscribe from the ones I wish? I know that each email they...
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    XF 1.1 Xenforo mailing via SMTP doesn't work

    @thewebco -- I just wanted to thank you. Your recommendation of disabling SMTP Restrictions within WHM solved this problem for me on not only XenForo but also IPBoard, both of which I host and had been routing email to SparkPost from. I'd gladly buy you a beer should our paths ever cross...
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    converting to xf from ipb 4

    Yeah... I'd like to throw in my own request for a converter here. I am not thrilled at all with the direction IPB is taking with 4.1 and would prefer to move one of my largest communities over to XenForo.
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    HSXen Find New Posts Filter

    It would be a godsend if you or someone else would make a mod like this that allows the *users* to choose what forums show up in their New Posts search.
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    My editor has any button

    Same problem here. What's the fix???
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    Duplicate Must Have - Subscribe by Forum

    This feature has been requested by the members of my community as well. Similar to how it is implemented in vBulletin where the member can choose to be notified immediately of new threads in a forum or receive a daily digest of the same. Devs, please consider adding this soon. Thanks.
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    Do you do any physical exercise?

    Cardio, weight training and I used to take Krav Maga classes but that sort of fell off the busier I got. I've been looking into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lately but am trying to figure out just where I'll shoehorn it into my schedule.