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    XF 2.1 REST API

    Looks like I'm finally going to be able to mine 15+ years of content in interesting ways. I imagine you'll get an influx of new subscribers migrating from other platforms with this one!
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    XF 2.0 User Ladder Title link

    TFW you search for a solution and find your own older post asking for the same thing :rolleyes:
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    XF 2.1 What’s new for developers in XF 2.1?

    you guys are killin' it! There's hope for our communities.
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    [XD] Featured Threads Slider

    @Ovunc Dinc - I hope you haven't given up on this excellent add-on! Still eagerly awaiting an ability to search / list out past featured threads... but also, another suggestion: I'd like to have the system automatically send an email to a Thread starter letting them know that their thread...
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    Server issue ES - 2.0.1 - enable stemming

    Thanks @Mike - did something change in how this works when comparing xf 1.x to xf 2.x? It broke when I upgraded to xf 2.x (and it's still a problem). AFAIK all the permissions should be OK.
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    [XD] Featured Threads Slider

    Just edit, and delete. Super-easy. My only "issue" with this add-on is that once the threads at the end of the queue are bumped by newer threads, there's no search or way to find all the past featured threads. I'd like a widget or something so I could set up a separate page that shows a...
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    [XD] Featured Threads Slider

    Hi @Ovunc Dinc - any updates on the ability to list an archive of past featured threads?
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    Nano Reef Forum

    Cool, kindred content! (see :)) A couple of thoughts: - suggest adding a favicon.ico image file to your domain root - consider adding an "about us" page I like the homepage. I'm a little confused that "latest posts" seem to go to article pages, not forum posts. Consider renaming...
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    [XD] Featured Threads Slider

    Hopefully we can restrict the Featured tab to certain usergroups!
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    [XD] Featured Threads Slider

    Thanks - update went fine this time! :-) What does this mean? -- Thread Link to Excerpts
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    [XD] Featured Threads Slider

    ...adding the "Featured Item" button to the XFMG would be pretty cool also. I suppose Resource Manager also, even though I don't use that. The slider could offer a mix of featured content.
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    [XD] Featured Threads Slider

    Hmm, I'm not sure I follow, either. Here is exactly what Page 2 was suggesting... First, the premise is that in order to achieve my desired "featured threads" feature on my site's homepage, I was using the following two Resources...
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    [XD] Featured Threads Slider

    this was my suggestion on page 2 of this thread -- a separate widget key for all-time featured posts. Over time I guess pagination would be required....:unsure:
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    [XD] Featured Threads Slider

    I agree, I'd often (but not always) use that option if it was offered. For exceptions, I'd be happy to upload. If I want to use a default I'd just keep that image in a handy local folder.