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    PostLoop Review

    Sad. I used Postloop in 2010 when posting was only good for earning posts on your own forum. Every member, save for a few that were quickly banned, was very high quality. At some point they started cashing out points and the dynamic quickly changed.
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    backlink dofollow from same hosting to be clear(same ip) is legal or not

    Search engines don't care about IPs as long as the IP in question is not being used maliciously.
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    Happy Mothers Day

    It was Sunday in Canada.
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    RIP Peggy

    RIP Mouthy Mod.
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    how can i restore my paypal

    You can't contact them in writing without logging in, but PayPal is a large company that serves most of the world. I'm sure they have a representative that speaks your language.
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    how can i restore my paypal

    1 877 569-1116
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    WORD to Xenforo?

    WYSIWYG is delicate. If you like to draft posts offline, it's better to do so in a text editor with BB Code.
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    Harddrive Letter Changing

    As above. Remember that you can also mount to a directory instead of a letter (Unix-style), but the libraries feature introduced in Windows 7 has made this a little redundant.
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    I'm sooo dumb..!

    In 1996 there certainly was. If anything I miss the aura of mystery the Internet had back then.
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    im trying to order expired domain

    The domain is on a grace period for the owner, as explained above. If you really want it, some registrars ( for example) offer a backorder service. For a fee, the registrar will watch the domain and register it for you the moment it becomes available. If you think the chances of it being...
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    I'm sooo dumb..!

    The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second best time is now.
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    Legal for a Free Addon

    Look at the MIT, BSD, and Apache licenses. Forget the GPL, it's dumb for reasons I can't even begin to explain.
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    xF Host Update

    This OVH sounds like a heap of crap, I'm surprised you don't just pack up and move elsewhere.
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    So, download a copy to test?

    What XenForo feature is showing that orange banner above the post? Can mods add those to posts? (not a XF admin, pardon noobiness)
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    What big board (forums) you really look up to?

    Digital Point. Despite the endless amount of BS to be found in the search engine forums, Shawn definitely knows his way around.