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    Add Parler Share Button

    That would be great to add Parler. Wish I knew how to do it.
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    XF 2.2 Wordpress forum imported to xenforo

    I haven’t found anything on here so I’m curious. I might be purchasing a Wordpress forum and I’d like to know I can convert it to xenforo? Is there a way for that to be done? Thanks
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    [TH] Covers [Deleted]

    Hopefully you guys are on it considering we pay for the add on. Thanks
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    [TH] Covers [Deleted]

    That's the thing there's no delete option and not to mention they only appear on certain threads even though I have permissions set for all.
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    [XTR] Today in History [Paid]

    Any updates?
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    [TH] Covers [Deleted]

    Yes, exactly.
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    Arcade Add-on?

    An arcade would be great for xenforo.
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    XF 2.2 Make widgets side bar wider default style

    Is there a way for me to make the side bar widgets wider for the Xenforo default style?
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    Fix Web Vitals (CLS, LCP, TTI) to improve SEO and performance.

    I got a 19 for performance and an 86 for best practices. The other I scored over 90. The performance is all related to images.
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    Chat software solutions

    Wow those are so expensive.
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    Information [Paid]

    No he's charging you 35$ to have access to all of his downloads including this one. Big difference.
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    [DBTech] DragonByte Shop [Paid]

    No it'll install without it..