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  1. Matt C.

    Looking for expert to fix slow load times on my installation

    I would recommend looking at PageSpeed Insights and fix whatever problems show up. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en-US&utm_source=PSI&utm_medium=incoming-link&utm_campaign=PSI
  2. Matt C.

    XF 2.0 Upgrade Style to 2

    Try this: {$xf.visitor.Profile.custom_fields.international_rugby_team}
  3. Matt C.

    [AH] Discord Widget

    I've looked into this, and unfortunately it's just not feasible. I'm using someone else's open source code to connect to the discord server, and modifying it to do what you want is a bit out of my skill level. I have no doubt that it can be done, I'm just not the right person to do it.
  4. Matt C.

    [AH] Discord Widget

    Did set set the 755 permission to recursive? If you have a terminal, you can try sudo chmod -R 755 /path/to/root/src/addons/
  5. Matt C.


    Some people have a passion for math.
  6. Matt C.

    Snog's Social Groups for XenForo 2.x Add-On vs IPS Clubs

    I do not own a license for Snog's addon, however, I do own an IPS license and can tell you that Clubs is fantastic. You are right, it is very tightly integrated, as is all their products, and honestly nothing compares in my opinion. I would recommend reading about Clubs and Snog's addon and...
  7. Matt C.

    [AH] Discord Widget

    That is a permission issue. Try to set the folder permissions for the addon folder to 755.
  8. Matt C.

    [AH] Discord Widget

    Can you please update to version 2.1.0. In the last version I loaded the JS in the widget itself, which causes the website having to load the JS before the html. In the update I moved the JS to the bottom of the website. I suspect this is the problem. :) I tested it on my dev site by putting...
  9. Matt C.

    [AH] Discord Widget

    I'll look into it.
  10. Matt C.

    [AH] Discord Widget

    Matt C. updated [AH] Discord Widget with a new update entry: Update 2.1.0 Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Matt C.

    [AH] Discord Widget - Update 2.1.0

    This release adds a couple new features/changes Added a new style property for the Join Server button. The .button class is already automatically applied so it looks like all your other buttons, but if you want to differentiate it from all the other buttons, this new style property is...
  12. Matt C.

    [AH] Discord Widget

    I'll put that in the next update. :)
  13. Matt C.

    XF 2.0 Attaching a script to the bottom of the page in a separate template

    Thank you for the quick response, but that's not quite what I'm asking. I would like to put the script in a template other than "helper_js_global" and "PAGE_CONTAINER."
  14. Matt C.

    XF 2.0 Attaching a script to the bottom of the page in a separate template

    Is there a way to attach a <script> tag with open javascript code to the bottom of page like the way the <xf:is src="" /> does? The reason I'm asking is because I need to use option tags in the javascript code. I'd prefer not to use a template modification, but will if necessary. I hope my...
  15. Matt C.

    UI.X 2 Dark [Paid]

    Sometimes backstretch fails to load. If I refresh it works until it happens again.