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Recent content by JulianD

  1. JulianD

    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Hello, I see this addon support affiliate links, does it work similar to this one?
  2. JulianD

    New iMacs seem to be awesome

    What about the refreshed MacBook Pros? I am considering the new entry level MBP to replace my 2011 MBP. At $1300 it's a deal I cannot pass up!
  3. JulianD

    CTA Featured Threads & Portal [Paid]

    Hello @Brogan. Two questions: Are you planning to update this addon for XenForo 2? If so, will I be able to receive the XenForo 2 version if I purchase now and I'm within the support period?
  4. JulianD

    Going from http to https Google AdSense no show

    I never had this problem when I activated https on my site. New ad units might work but I also recommend to check the ad code of existing ad units.
  5. JulianD

    VaultWiki [Paid]

    Hello @pegasus does this addon supports something like a wiki for threads? I mean, where the first post of the thread is a wiki with all these features?
  6. JulianD

    Add-on Any good marketplace addons available?

    Take a loot a this one https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xfa-rm-marketplace.4655/
  7. JulianD

    Wow IPS 4.2

    Wouldn't something like this work for you? https://xenforo.com/community/resources/th-ignore-new-posts.139/
  8. JulianD

    XF 1.5 Birthday trophy: Why isn't it being awarded every year?

    You can create several trophies for birthdays and set the condition "User has been registered for at least X days:" to 0, 365, 735, 1095 and so on.... it might not work exactly as you expect but it's something.
  9. JulianD

    [TH] WikiPosts

    Hello, I have some questions before purchasing: Is there any kind of edit history to see what changed and who made the edits? Regarding this review, what is this tab the user is talking about? Anyway to disable the Wiki prefix from showing up in the thread list? Finally, are you planning to...
  10. JulianD

    Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level [Paid]

    Hello @Luke F do you have plans to port this addon over XenForo 2? Thanks!
  11. JulianD

    XenCentral Feedback System [Paid]

    Hello @XCentral. Do you have any news regarding XenForo 2 support? Are you porting your addons over to the new version? I depend highly on the trading and ad server addons and I would like to know what is your current status regarding XenForo 2. Thanks!
  12. JulianD

    GoodForNothing Classifieds [Paid] [Deleted]

    Hello, any problem with this addon running with PHP7? I just upgraded and I'm receiving this errors: The Eval'd line making the call is this one: <div class="likesSummary secondaryContent"> <span class="LikeText"> ' ...
  13. JulianD

    Flat [Paid]

    Hello, I have a question. Do you know if it's possible to move the search box to the same position as the navbar and userbar? My client wants to have a cleaner header and he saw something like this in other forum... just wondering if this theme can do the same. Cheers :)
  14. JulianD

    Facebook OpenGraph Image from [img] or [attach] tags

    That's right, otherwise they will not have permission to view the image.
  15. JulianD

    GoodForNothing Classifieds [Paid] [Deleted]

    This query is taking 3+ seconds to run SELECT trader.*, user.*, user_profile.* FROM gfn_classifieds_trader AS trader INNER JOIN xf_user AS user ON (user.user_id = trader.user_id) INNER JOIN xf_user_profile AS user_profile...