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  1. invictus

    User Activity by Xon

    I already posted a month ago about this, look above. I installed phpredis on my server, your redis cache addon, and this one. Nothing shows up on front end. You asked for my template mods and I posted a screenshot. It's all up there ^^
  2. invictus

    User Activity by Xon

    Any luck updating this? I'm happy to test for you if you need it.
  3. invictus

    Include removed/renamed files in changelog

    Yeah that is one way. I use Beyond Compare to check for file differences, I think it's similar. I still think it would be nice if a proper changelog was published with each release. These update announcements are like mystery boxes.
  4. invictus

    Include removed/renamed files in changelog

    This would indeed be helpful. Where are the changelogs posted? Are there any? I only see announcements in this forum with zero information on changes, just new version numbers and some copy/paste that looks the same for each release. The download package doesn't seem to have any changelog...
  5. invictus

    [TH] Question and Answer Forums [Paid]

    Also, can we get a question mark icon in threadlist for unanswered threads, similar to how you have a check mark icon for answered threads? This will be helpful for forums that have mixed content, question threads and normal threads. Thanks!
  6. invictus

    [TH] Question and Answer Forums [Paid]

    I purchased this and I'm happy with it so far. One critique I have is that the best answer is not visually distinguishable enough from other posts. The only difference is the color of the trophy icon. If possible, could you please add a class to <div class="message-inner"> for the post that is...
  7. invictus

    [TH] Question and Answer Forums [Paid]

    This addon is looking great. Does it change the post display order so that the highest rated (voted up) answers are displayed first? **Edit** I see this is already answered in the description.
  8. invictus

    XFMG 2.0 import from VB Albums?

    Thanks for the info Chris. Any ETA on the importer for XFMG, or will it be after XF2.0 is out of beta?
  9. invictus

    XFMG 2.0 import from VB Albums?

    I converted a VB4 forum to XF 1.5 and have since upgraded to XF 2.0. If I purchase XFMG and install it on XF 2.0 can it import from VB, or did I lose that ability when upgrading to XF2? Thanks.
  10. invictus

    Question Threads

    This looks great! Would you consider adding ability to set Is question on/off by default at the node level? For example, I could specify that a specific forum is for questions, and then all threads started there would have this option checked by default, or perhaps it could even be forced...
  11. invictus

    Post Content Find / Replace

    I updated to Beta 7 and uploaded the new version of this addon. I'm unable to run the addon updater, it says: The following errors must be resolved before continuing: Post Content Find / Replace requires XenForo 2.0.0 Beta 7+. Doesn't seem to recognize I am running Beta 7.
  12. invictus

    DL6 - [Widget] Popular threads and posts

    Could you please add a Display style option that shows only the OP avatar and thread title, nothing else? Currently there are Display style Simple A simple view, designed for narrow spaces such as sidebars. Full A full size view, displaying as a standard thread list. Expanded An expanded...
  13. invictus

    [KL] CoinHive Integration [Paid]

    Very cool @katsulynx! I've been following CoinHive since it's inception. It's very interesting to see crypto making it's way into things like this. XMR mining is tough, but with enough users this could have some serious potential for revenue. I think I'll skip it for now, but I'm going to...
  14. invictus

    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits [Paid]

    Amazing. Thanks! XF2 is really nice. I wasn't convinced to switch from VB with earlier versions, but when I saw 2.0 I knew right away. The hardest part of making the switch was giving up all my DragonByte Teach addons for VB. You guys have always been awesome. This addon coupled with XFRM...
  15. invictus

    XF 2.0 Imagemagick PECL extension [Resolved]

    Rebuilding apache package and restarting seems to have fixed it. Thanks for the help @Robru