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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    AMS plays pretty well with the UIX styles. I have used AMS for a few years and I must say it's worth every penny. Have you looked at all the options AMS comes with? I have yet to hear a single complaint about Bob (I can't say the same about the XenPorta developer). I have dealt with many...
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    Showcase "Item Management System" (Reviews, Guides, Garage etc) [Paid]

    I believe @Bob will be rewriting Showcase for 2.0. However, ill let him confirm 100%.
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    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    I I'm on Android 7.0 using Google keyboard. Experiencing this in the rich text editor. Not happening at he moment on here.
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    Browser issue Latest Android Chrome keyboard suggestion issues

    Same here. And doubletapping space usually puts a period (.) At the end of a sentence. This seems to not work correctly either. At times a double tap of space will show as ( .). That's "blank space" then .
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    Add-on [Paid] Upgrade of two Bob's add-ons

    It would be a complete rewrite. Those are two very complex and feature rich add-ons. I would imagine it would take a new developer weeks (months I would say ) to rewrite. On top of that cost thousands of dollars. Bob did mention hes rewriting them but you're correct he cannot give us a date...
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    Official XenForo Commerce Addon: Donations, Shop, Billing, Monetizing, Ads, Subs, affiliate, etc

    This is not true. I would love a wallet system and I'm a forum admin. He never finished the marketplace this is why sales weren't very good. Liked the first post. I would love something like this.
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    XF 1.4 Default User Groups

    This would be done via User Group Promotions found here ( Users > User Groups > User Group Promotions). Go to the bottom and select "User has been registered for at least X days:" then set number of days.
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    [HA] Notifications

    Im glad you ended up choosing this addon vs the unsupported one offered by the different developer. Are you referring to this:
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    Not a bug Missing Div + Actual design + conditional that goes with it ?

    Looks like someone was sleeping and just copied and pasted (while copying they also copied the Report, Edit and Delete). @Mike Creuzer
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    looking for specific resource, but can't remember name, help!

    The one Russ shared has been unmaintained for some time and last I used it was pretty buggy. Consider this one instead
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    XF 1.5 Xenforo and WordPress

    Either is fine.
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    Xenforo VS wordpress for SEO

    Both are good in their OWN way. As Alfa1 mentioned above both are completely different, one is a FORUM and the other is a CMS.
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    Login forum with Wordpress account

    Then the answer to your question is no. You would need to have a bridge made...
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    XenWord Pro [Deleted]

    Have you tried following the Instruction? If you need a hand feel free to contact me.