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    Need a Pro to Migrate VB3 to Xenforo

    I personally use a an unmanaged VPS, but have seen many great posts and people recommending @MattW -
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    My first forum -

    Like Static Xbox said, emblem is out of place and far to large. Didn't know Patrick Mahomes had ties to the Mafia! Other then that, looks cool!
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    XF 2.2 show followers

    In older versions of XenForo it showed your followers and people you followed in your profile. Is there a way I'm just not seeing in settings to do that in XenForo 2.2?
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    [tl] Profile Vanity URL [Paid]

    Would love if this created the vanity name when member registers matching username rather then having to go in and add it manually.
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    Can I run a forum via my iPhone?

    Yes for starting out, you'll be fine with a cheap host like godaddy or host gator or a cheap $5-10 month vps from digital ocean.
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    XF 2.3 ?

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    XF 2.3 ?

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    A good website domain name !
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    A good website domain name !

    Don't forget us little people if it becomes the next Google of information.
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    Fixed Solutions that end with [code] — snippets display

    Could "..." be replaced with " view more" by replacing a phrase?
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    Keyword Linking by Siropu [Paid]

    Cool, I was using the one by xenmade, but he disappeared and the addon was removed from here and it no longer works in XF 2.1. Nothing fancy I need. I just want to link ingredients in recipes to Amazon using my affiliate ID.
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    Keyword Linking by Siropu [Paid]

    So can this do like say I type "monk fruit" in a sentence it would display the word but I can set it that clicking it it links to Monk Fruit on Amazon using my affiliate ID?